This program is designed to prepare a student for employment in a medical office, hospital, and/or clinic. Training includes but is not limited to the use of technology to develop communication skills, higher level thinking skills, and decision making skills; medical terminology; the performance of office procedures specific to the medical environment; transcription of medical documents; using advanced features of business software applications; research of job opportunities; and the production of high quality employment portfolios and job-seeking documents.


Uniforms are a requirement for all students while in class. You must have your uniforms by Tuesday, September 8th. You can view the brand and color at the Cherokee website: However you can purchase them from any website or store but they must be the Cherokee brand and the color must be grape. Black scrub pants and black closed toed shoes of any brand are acceptable.


Information Technology Assistant      150 hours (5 weeks)

Front Desk Specialist                             300 hours (10 weeks)

Medical Office Technologist                  300 hours (10 weeks)

Medical Administrative Specialist         300 hours (10 weeks)